Our inboxes
make life suck.

WE ARE addicted to our email, stuck in an unproductive black hole and overly connected to our jobs.

WE ARE NOT looking people in the eyes, sinking into big picture ideas or letting our brains breathe daily.

Let the world know.

Why only check twice a day?

The 2X rule allows you to disconnect from work and focus on life. This rule is hard at first—not checking your email on the subway and while waiting at that red light is second nature. But like any bad habit, once you break it, you feel like a new person.

People start emailing you less, you start breathing more and suddenly you find yourself actually smiling during the day. Here are some services that make your 2X daily inbox sessions even calmer:

Checking email twice a day is only the
start to a calmer work lifestyle.


Pick a 2 hour “focus” block and assign it to 3 days of the week (eg: 4pm-6pm on every Mon, Weds and Fri). Make it a rule to not take any calls, meetings or questions during that block. Ask your co-workers to kindly respect this. Use your focus block to sink into the stuff that matters—uninterrupted. It’s weird how good this makes you feel.


Make the first thing you do at work in the morning your top 3 tasks. This is how you do it: BEFORE you open your email, write down the 3 most important tasks you need to get done that day. Even if one of those tasks is emailing someone, jot down your top 3 then accomplish them before you do anything else. By getting top taks done first, you can go through your day without that nagging feeling or the guilt associated with procrastination - eliminating that distraction allows you to be more present at work.


Give yourself at least 30 minutes every morning that are not assigned to getting ready, eating breakfast or commuting. Use those 30 minutes every morning to relax, take your time, read, meditate, take a walk, etc. Rushing into your day without having time to yourself creates increased stress and bad moods. Make this a habit and you’ll find yourself at ease throughout the day.


The hands-down best productivity tool for both work and life is Evernote. Use it to save ideas, remember inspirations, clip websites, organize projects and stay on-top of to do lists. It syncs with all of your devices and is free.